Where is NLP Going?

Most of the concepts we see around us today started small and grew to have the several branches as we see them today. The field of NLP is not an exception to this general rule. The earliest form of NLP could be likened to the concept of atoms as the building blocks for matter. NLP as at then considered our subjective experience as being composed of representations which are the atoms of our experiences.

Just like the discovery of atoms and sub-atoms gave rise to a better understanding of the periodic table, NLP’s consideration of representations as atoms which make up our experiences allowed us to decompose every of our experiences into the constituent atoms which are the sensory elements. It also allowed us to be able to alter these elements and build them into something that was more appealing to the heart.

Achievements of the earlier models:

The proper utilisation of the earlier models was very beneficial as they helped in the development of a couple of human endeavours that are mentioned below:

  1. NLP earlier models was utilised in simple human tasks such as remembering names, spelling, etc.
  2. Even in the development of general abilities that are important in decision-making, self-generated learning, use of feedback and positive motivation.
  3. It was also used in the more complex tasks such scientific discoveries and artistic creativity.
  4. Modelling too was a stronghold of the earliest models as it was possible to reformulate and recode existing concepts and data into models that are more effective.


Years ago when NLP pioneer Richard Bandler explored the use of sub-modalities, the NLP model as described above grew and gained strength in terms of precision, power and detail. This meant that the earlier models were fine-tuned and this refined version provided the basis for the development of newer models and applications. This model served and is still serving a great deal in handling a wide range of human pervasive problems such as anger, resentment, grief, shame, guilt and a host of others.

As part of things that are in the confines of NLP presently, the study of the strategies of highly skilled individuals is being applied in ensuring that we reach goals in a more generative and direct format. This is ensuring that humanity goes beyond just achieving goals to mastering abilities and skills that can enrich lives in greater dimension than is imaginable

All of these were possible because the early practitioners of NLP were able to combine the concept of sequence with representational systems and this marked the beginning of strategies that would later serve as the NLP strategies.

With the ongoing discussion, I can therefore state that the real question is not “Where is NLP going?” the real question is actually “Where are we going as one humanity?” This question should be more ideal because it should spur us to action to begin to look for ways do our best in our chosen paths to understand the human mind more in order look for greater ways to apply it in driving changes that future generation will look at with pride.