Using Meta Programs in Recruiting

Meta-programs are the various ways of thinking that direct your decisions, behaviours, interaction, actions and communication with others. In other words, they are mental processes which direct, manage, and guide other mental processes to achieve specific purposes. They decide what your brain pays attention to and the manner in which it pays attention to it. They often depend on your external experience of reality.

Meta-programs function on the same principle as many computer programs. Just like many computer programs that control the execution of sub-programs, sending them information and selecting which runs and the exact time it has to run, so do meta-programs determine your actions, behaviours, and decisions.

Meta programs are important as they help you to have a better understanding of others and their psychological tendencies. Its ability to do this and more makes it a suitable tool for recruiting.

By simply asking someone a technical question, you can acquire an insight into their actual personality. This acquired insight will allow you to accurately foretell what that person’s behavior will be in certain situations.

You can almost accurately use NLP Meta programs in your workplace in order to influence people, motivate people and manage them more effectively.

You can use Meta programs to ask questions in a recruiting interview, or you can even use it to ask questions in informal setting. With the requirements of the job that you want to recruit for, you can use these Meta program questions to find someone whose personality trait matches the job in question.

There are 19 Meta Programs that are useful in recruiting a new person. There are 19 Meta Program questions to ask the prospective employee to get their actual personality and figure out if they are suitable for the job or not. Meta program is an oral interview conducted one on one.

For instance, to get your prospective employee’s frame of reference, ask him or her, “How do you know when you have done a good job? a) Does someone have to tell you? or b) Inside yourself. The answer to this question will enable know if the prospective employee needs more.

To know if your prospective employee is okay with things staying the same, or things changing, or things staying somewhere in between.

You ask him or her, “What is the relationship between what you are doing now and what you did at this time last year”

If he/she says, “Relationship? There is no relationship, things have changed.” he/she likes things changing.

If he/she says, “It’s the same” he/she likes things being the same.

This is important as it gives you insight in how long your prospective employee is likely to stay in the job.

It is also important you know what motivates your prospective employee. This is true for both short and long term. This is needed in future to motivate the employee during work periods. Meta programs can be used to find out his weakness.

The uses of Meta programs in recruiting can’t be over emphasised as it enables you determine almost accurately the most suitable person for the job.