Phobia Cure with NLP

You may have been trying to cure phobia for some time now using other conventional methods and you are yet to see positive outcomes. NLP phobia model can cure phobia in just one session, it achieves this through the skillful use of a technique known as dissociation.

What is phobia?

Phobia is a severe, irrational and unwanted fear. Also, phobia is internally generated to cause unwanted fear; this internal generation of phobia is caused by a trigger. Many people are wrong to think that the situation or object associated with a phobia is the cause. In reality, it is the trigger that causes the phobia, due to the fact that, you respond to the picture you have created, but not the situation or object.

The main symptom of phobia is the unreasonable and excessive desire to avoid the feared stimulus. Also, when a particular fear goes beyond your control, and begins to interfere with your daily life then it could be called a phobia.

Phobia is different from an intense fear and a single painful situation, in a sense that, a phobia’s fear has come to be associated with the trigger.

In this article we are going to deal with all forms of phobia using NLP’s V-K Dissociation Technique (Visual-Kinaethetic). This technique, otherwise known as Fast Phobia Cure or Rewind Technique saves you time, as it is swift in purpose and goal.

V-K Dissociation helps to overcome intense fear of animals, people, situations or objects that are as a matter of fact not harmful or dangerous (phobia).

V-K Dissociation enables those who are suffering from phobias to reprogram the way they respond to the causal experience (trigger).

NLP phobia process:

  • Place your head and eyes in a position as though you were looking at an air-plane directly above you.
  • Start breathing heavily and shallow in your chest.
  • Now envisage yourself in a cinema, watching a movie of you i.e. seeing yourself in an imaginary movie. The movie is about your younger/inner self, going through that specific situation that scares you, until your younger/inner self reaches a comfortable and safe place.
  • Now imagine yourself moving out of the imaginary you and going further away from the display i.e. becoming the audience watching a movie of yourself.
  • Try making the visual modalities on the screen smaller, blurred, grainy, colorless with a frame around it.
  • Verbalize the exercise using 3rd person language.
  • Create a double or three place dissociation (Watching yourself in the audience watching the movie).
  • The view on the screen should be prior to the causal effect of the phobia.
  • Run the movie completely (from the beginning to the end).
  • When the movie is finished, freeze a still image of the movie and the image should focus on you. so as to enable you see yourself on the screen.
  • Now re-associate yourself to the audience then to your image on the screen.
  • Now continue the movie from the point of re-association to the end of the movie.
  • Then rewind the movie. Also, make sure that sounds run backward as well.
  • Start the movie all over and stop in the safe initial frozen image of you and jump out again.
  • Continue the movie from that point to the end of the movie.
  • At the end, re-associate yourself and rewind the movie.
  • Dissociate yourself and continue the movie till you reach the end.
  • This should be done repeatedly (at least 6 times) with each successive rewind quicker than the previous.
  • This should be done 20 times for intense phobias.

This NLP dissociation technique will enable you quickly erase the phobia. You have to disconnect from the emotions of that phobia whilst performing this technique.

This NLP technique has a broad range of applications, as it can also be used to cure strong unwanted emotional responses or states.