NLP Exercises

NLP exercises are practices and techniques that have been tried and proven to help reshape the mind. Over the years, studies have shown that pretty much most of our outcomes in life stem from our mind. This has led to extensive research to find ways to bend the mind to our bidding so we can achieve everything that matters to us.

A couple of these exercises are popular while others are not so known. In this article, we will share with you some of these exercises so that you can apply them on your own. However, it is important that we inform you for maximum results, you are expected to memorize them and carry them out off-hand to avoid the break in transmission that will be caused by your pausing and referring to your notes for the next step. To do this, you should go through the texts a couple more times so that you can fully concentrate when you start.

We will be classifying these exercises into categories as shown below:

  1. Confidence Building Exercises

Over our years of practice, we have come to discover that a good number of persons venture into NLP with the hope of improving their self-confidence. The good news some NLP exercises are available that you can use on a DIY basis before consulting an expert if the need arises.

They are:

  • Ground yourself with NLP
  • NLP Visualization Exercise: In this exercise, you are basically using visualization to change your physiology. In return, this changes your internal state and improves your confidence.
  1. Belief Changing Exercises

Certain NLP exercises have been proven to create useful beliefs and destroy limiting ones. Limiting beliefs can keep you stagnant at a place for the most part of your life. This is why you should sort out your beliefs so that you can put your life in place.

  • The NLP Belief Creator: this exercise enables you to create your own beliefs that will in turn influence your reality.
  • The NLP Belief Disintegrator: this exercise allows you destroy the negative thoughts you have about you and the world at large. It helps you break down the negative beliefs that are hindering your progress.
  1. General NLP Exercises

  • NLP Swish Pattern: this exercise can help you replace the representations that can hamper your progress.
  • NLP Whiteout Technique: this technique helps you to stop thinking about unpleasant memories that end up ruining your mood. These negative thoughts force their way into your sub-consciousness mind but with this exercise, you can fine tune your mind to keep them out.
  • The nagging voices killer: Nagging voices which is supposed to be your survival instincts can really mar your chances of turning out fine. It is the voice that says to “you are not good enough for this”, “you will never achieve that”. This NLP exercise can help you eliminate this nagging voice.
  • NLP Compulsion Blowout
  • NLP Motivation Exercise – Get Motivated
  1. NLP Time Line Techniques

  • Take Resources into the Future with NLP Timelines
  • Use NLP to Glisten up your Future
  • Plan your future with NLP Time Lines
  • Flow into the Future with NLP Timelines
  1. Miscellaneous Exercises

  • Dream Mechanics – use your brain while you sleep.
  • Improve your Tone of Voice.
  • NLP Self Hypnosis Technique – Betty Erickson’s Self Hynosis Method

There you have them, examples of NLP exercise that you can try on your own. For maximum result, you are to first of all believe in the efficacy of the exercises. When you do, you concentrate more on it and this concentration is an essential ingredient for the success of NLP exercises.