Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Techniques

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques are very effective in changing your perception of the world. Due to the fact that, our feelings and thoughts shape our reality, so you can apply these NLP techniques to change your feelings and thoughts and eventually transforms your entire life for good.

NLP Techniques

  • Rapport

This NLP technique gives you the ability to get along with anyone. NLP is one of the quickest ways to create and develop rapport. NLP does this by teaching you how to understand and mirror another person’s tone of voice, body language, and choice of words. By mirroring someone’s characters you make him feel comfortable and he gets to understand you better. Talking, sitting, and standing the way the person does, and having similar opinions about certain topics, is all you need to build a good rapport.

  • Modeling

Modeling as a technique in NLP is the process of adopting the lifestyle of another person in order to develop one to meet the standards of that person. We try to adopt his language, behaviors, beliefs and strategies. NLP modeling is designed to enable us ingest and assimilate the strategies of our exemplar, and we know our modeling is successful when we are able to achieve the same behavioral standards as our role model. We can thereafter reduce this ‘Modeling’ to a pattern others can learn and adopt. In modeling, the ‘modeler’ drops his lifestyle and adopts that of the person being modeled.

  • Internal maps

In NLP your individual perception of the world is called your ‘map’. In NLP studies, you learn that your mind-body and your language format all interact to form your perception of the world (map). Your ‘map’ determines your feelings and behavior. With this knowledge, we can modify or replace unrealistic, unhelpful and destructive ‘maps’ with more helpful or useful ones. This can be achieved by inclining your mindset and language to the positive which is more helpful.

  • Anchoring

Anchoring is a technique whereby we make association between what we hear, feel and see and our emotional states. This is done by repeatedly exposing oneself to a unique stimulus i.e. sound, touch or sight while in a particular emotional state. Thereafter, you can call and trigger a particular emotion by that unique stimulus. With this NLP technique you have control over your emotions.

  • Reframing

This NLP technique teaches you how to change the way you see an event, therefore changing the meaning of such event. According to Wayne Dyer, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”. When the meaning of something changes, behaviors and responses will change.  For instance, each time someone looks at you, you feel they do so because you are not beautiful enough, that is your initial frame or perception which is actually ‘reframable’. You can decide to change your frame or perception when someone looks at by thinking they do so because they admire you for your beauty.

  • Influence and Persuasion

This is another part of NLP dedicated to help you influence and persuade others easily and effectively.   This technique is not just dedicated for that, it also enables you to help others overcome limiting beliefs, conflicts, fears and more without their conscious awareness. One way to achieve this is by listening attentively to the person when he speaks. Another way is to make them believe in your abilities and capabilities.

  • Dissociation

This technique helps you come out of a bad feeling. Let’s say, each time you experience a certain situation you always feel bad. For example, you feel nervous each time you approach a girl or each time you have to speak to a crowd or each time you face a particular person. Often, these feelings of nervousness, shyness or sadness are automatic and uncontrollable. NLP is effective in such situations.

With the above NLP techniques you can effectively transform your life and that of others. With the various NLP techniques you have control over your feelings, emotions and more.