Leadership Assessment with NLP

As a leader or intending leader, you may be looking out for some new strategies to help you lead your team effectively. You may also have a desire to get the best out of your team by means of your leadership qualities.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is an incredible, powerful tool which can be used in many ways to achieve many goals and ambitions. NLP tips/tricks are the best tools to enable you build your leadership skills, and the fact that you are reading this signifies that you are a step away from achieving your leadership goals.

Using NLP in Leadership roles

To have a desire to inspire others and lead them effectively is a truly brilliant desire, but also a big responsibility. Leadership has ups and down, so many practitioners call it a ‘roller-coaster’.

One can believe you are a good leader when everything is going well. Your team is working cohesively, everyone is achieving their goals, and your team-mates are all happy.

A good leader is one who can build a strong team that can overcome crisis and/or chaos when they come. In times of crisis, everyone’s happy feelings go sour, everyone feels de-motivated and it’s your duty to resolve any such conflicts.

We are going to treat NLP leadership tricks and tips for leadership enhancement and you will be given an outline of some ‘rules of leadership’

NLP Leadership tricks and tips

Below are the top 4 tips among the many NLP tips/tricks available to help you enhance your leadership skills.

  1. Use stories and metaphors

Our conscious mind has a limit to the number of information it can deal with at a time (5-9 pieces of information). Therefore, we have limits to how much we can remember in one go.

Our unconscious mind uses feelings, sounds and pictures to remember information. Therefore, using a metaphor or story that explains the key underlying what you are saying, enables the unconscious mind to inculcate easily. If their unconscious mind absorb what you say, they are more likely to apply it in their day to day life. Also, this will help you communicate something that your team is unlikely to forget. 

  1. Inquisitive questioning

As a good leader, curiosity is very essential.

You learn more by wanting to know more, and this is achieved by constantly asking questions at the same time you give your team a good sense of humor, as you make them feel their opinion counts.  Also, this enables you take decisions that are pleasing to the entire team. Make sure your questions are always straight to the point. And the tone in which you ask such questions is very essential and vary from one situation to another. Ask questions such as:

  • For what purpose?
  • What would happen if you did and didn’t?
  • What’s the intention of that?
  • How is that a problem?
  • When was this not a problem?

With your questions you may open doors of solutions for your team.

  1. Build your internal power

As you may know well, before you can achieve external power to lead effectively, you first must gain personal, or rather internal power. By gaining power over your mind, your reactions, your behaviors and yourself as a whole, your possibilities are limitless. You can build you internal power by changing your feelings about yourself. Have a very high self-esteem.

  1. Choice

Followers do not like a leader who takes himself as the big boss, who does nothing but throw instructions in their face. You should consider giving them a choice. It does not in any way reflect you as a weak leader but this causes your followers to do their duties with alacrity and enthusiasm. Also, it doesn’t mean that your followers won’t do what you want them to do at the end, but you give them the privilege to choose the way they do it.

Some Rules of Leadership

  1. As a leader you must create useful change
  2. Exude purpose
  3. Create a strategy
  4. Enroll and engage the right people
  5. Remember the difference between authority and responsibility
  6. Focus on achieving collective results.

By applying these NLP leadership tips/tricks and keeping these Rules of Leadership at the back of your mind, you will be a master NLP leader very fast.